My earliest memory is sitting on the floor in our home in Oceanside, playing with a small rubber toy tractor. My Mom and Grandma were crying. My older sister Teddy then started crying, not really knowing why. The reason was my grandfather had just died. He was a coal miner once, and cancer was the result. Other than this episode, my childhood was pretty drama free. Disneyland had recently opened, we got to go as it was so close by. There were 5 of us kids, we had a nice house, with old gable style windows, up on a hill; you could see the ocean from my bedroom window, my sister on the opposite side saw the mountains. Our Greek father and Welsh mother had a restaurant, a bar next door, and owned their home (two cars in a garage) and also owned two other houses in the neighborhood -  these they rented out. At the time we 5 kids had no idea what we had, or what we would lose. It was Leave it to Beaver time. 

That all fell apart in the summer of  ’62..

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